About Me

I am a eighteen-year-old home-schooled stay at home young lady. A Christian saved by His blood and striving to be more like my King!
I work for our family business with making and selling our Bath Bliss products at our shop and local markets and festivals. I live in the beautiful landscape of Alaska, which I wouldn't trade for the world.

I have six sisters and one brother...three sisters older, and three younger and my younger brother! My second oldest sister married on February 22nd 2011 and now they have a handsome little boy...my first nephew! My third oldest sister married the man of her dreams Dec. 29th 2012 and is enjoying newly married life.

My interests include (in no particular order):
Blogging, Tea and Cupcakes, Scrapbooking, Christmas time, Photography, Magazines, Interior Decorating, Shopping, Card making, Baking, Wedding planning, Vintage shabby chic, Scarves, White Raspberry Mochas, Embroidering, Crafting, Decorating for parties and events, Crocheting, Modest Clothing, and so many more!

I also have a huge interest in Pinterest! To see my account go here..http://pinterest.com/gladhearthannah/

Blogging is on of my favorite things to do and I hope to only get better and better at it! You may notice that it says I've been on blogger since 2011, which is how long I have had this account but only now am I setting it up to be my blog! I have been blogging, however for several years over at gladblog.gladheartacres.com and enjoyed that so much that I've switched over to blogger and hope that it will help me to stay on top of it all better! I made the switch from WordPress to Blogger for a few different reasons, both programs have there good and bad points, it's just easier for me to get the hang of Blogger.
I post happenings of normal day life as well as special highlights! Also every Monday I do my tea themed post, which I've named Thoughts for Tea Time, you may often see it referred to as TFTT, it includes a tea picture taken by yours truly and a special quote! My goal is that by posting these it will encourage you to sit back with a cup of tea (or coffee if you're not a tea drinker;) and ponder of the quote that was posted. Sometimes the simplest sayings can have so much depth if we take the time to think on it! To learn more about my thoughts for tea time blogging and updates visit my 'What is TFTT?'

I hope my blog is a spot of enjoyment and a frequent visiting place for you!  Please leave a comment now and then to let me know that you were here, I'd greatly love to hear from you! Blessings to you,

~Gladheart Hannah
 {With my youngest sister, Helayna}


  1. Love this blog! =) Very encouraging. =)

  2. You have such a beautiful blog! :) I'm going to be following you now and hoping to see more posts from you!


  3. Beautiful and inspiring blog! I came here a while ago via Pinterest. I'm a tzniut/frum (Jewish modesty) girl and it was kind of difficult looking for other resources about modest clothing but then I stumbled upon your page -- so thank you! Take care and Bless your heart! :D

    -- Jessica