Monday, January 28, 2013

For the love of FONTS!

Ok, I am so sorry about the way this font is coming out. It's totally different then what it's like while I'm creating the posts. There's always hiccups when setting up a new site, and I think I may have found mine!  I am looking for new fonts and how to change the posts' font however.
Thank you for your patience, as I know this is hard to read as it is!

How do we like this one folks??

Crafts and Projects of 2012

I am working on some projects and crafts right now, but with not wanting to share them with you until they are complete, I've decided to share some of the crafts and projects that I made/did last year. There are a few others of course, but I'm sharing the ones I have pictures of, makes it a little funner! ;)
Note: None of these are in any type of order!

Well, not knowing where to start, I've decided to start with something we do for almost every occasion,  that would be banners on our high living room wall...
{Easter with tomb and crosses (designed by yours truly!)}
{And here for a better look at the tomb!}
{Mom's Birthday Banner last year}
{Banners for when Harmony left for DC last year and when she came back for a week last Spring!}

Ok, now what? How about showing off one of my very favorite things to do?! I think so!

{I made several Mother's Day embroideries to sell! As well as other projects, gifts and doing designs on one of my skirts!}

{And of course, there was lots and lots of cupcakes that I made for different events!}

And now for my paper crafts...
{This Heart petal flower which was then put on a birthday card!}
{Valentines Day last year fell on our Bible Study night, so I decided to do a little decorating ;) ^Sorry about the blurriness. } 
{I made large hearts to hang and smaller heart garlands (not the easiest thing in the world)}

For more miscellaneous crafts and projects...
{A paper mail box for all my sweet cards from the love & envelope exchange!}
 {Hosting a table at the Spring tea at Church}
{Making little signs for my Nephew's Baby Shower!}
{Finally finishing the pom-poms on my throw!}
{Lining my dresser drawers with pretty calender pages}
{And these patriotic pom poms and pinata!}

Well, those were just some of my favorites, like I said, there are other projects but I think that's enough for now! I will have a few more posts coming up with special crafts I made but have been meaning to post I'm gonna do it :)

It's always nice to get new ideas for crafts, or to get inspiration. I hope these inspired you today!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Songs that Bless

Wishing I had a camera today as it was a beautiful and *soft* day! I had an easy day at the shop, with good customers, soft music and outside it was a lovely layer of fluffy white! Snowdrops were making there way from Heaven all day and created a stunning landscape. Hopefully I'll be able to capture some of it's beauty in the morning with the use of a camera!

In the meantime, I thought I'd share some songs I've listened to recently by the Maranatha Singers. I am always refreshed and relaxed when hearing songs by them, I so enjoy it!

Lord I lift Your name on High, Maranatha Singers!

As the deer pants, Maranatha Singers!

Seek ye first and In Moments like these, Maranatha Singers!

I am so blessed by these beautiful praise songs! Hope they bless you today as well.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Beginning of Gladheart Hannah Blog

After having this url for at least a year now, I've finally decided to release it and start blogging with it! I am so excited about this change, and can't wait to get posting, so I'll keep this one short.

If you've been a follower of my old blog then you know I have been having some trouble keeping up with blogging for several months now, well for many reasons, I believe Blogger will help me with that  but so can you! Leave a comment and let me know that you've followed me here and have put up with my other blog for such a time!
Also, for those of you who knew my other blog, I will be starting up my Thoughts for Tea Time posts once again the first Monday of February! I am without my own camera right now (hope to fix that as soon as I can), but will be try to take pictures by the generous use of my Mom's camera.

And for anyone who has just randomly found me by chance...Welcome! Please visit my 'About Me' page and see a little more of who I am and what I enjoy. The best way to get to know me though is by reading my posts and seeing the different day-to-day life that I live!
To see the last three years of my blogging life visit: and go under the Hannah category!

Please everyone keep in touch with my blog via email and/or signing up with a Google account!! And help spread the word about my blog, you readers and friends are what makes it all with it!
I look forward to the many, many posts that are ahead of us!