Monday, January 28, 2013

Crafts and Projects of 2012

I am working on some projects and crafts right now, but with not wanting to share them with you until they are complete, I've decided to share some of the crafts and projects that I made/did last year. There are a few others of course, but I'm sharing the ones I have pictures of, makes it a little funner! ;)
Note: None of these are in any type of order!

Well, not knowing where to start, I've decided to start with something we do for almost every occasion,  that would be banners on our high living room wall...
{Easter with tomb and crosses (designed by yours truly!)}
{And here for a better look at the tomb!}
{Mom's Birthday Banner last year}
{Banners for when Harmony left for DC last year and when she came back for a week last Spring!}

Ok, now what? How about showing off one of my very favorite things to do?! I think so!

{I made several Mother's Day embroideries to sell! As well as other projects, gifts and doing designs on one of my skirts!}

{And of course, there was lots and lots of cupcakes that I made for different events!}

And now for my paper crafts...
{This Heart petal flower which was then put on a birthday card!}
{Valentines Day last year fell on our Bible Study night, so I decided to do a little decorating ;) ^Sorry about the blurriness. } 
{I made large hearts to hang and smaller heart garlands (not the easiest thing in the world)}

For more miscellaneous crafts and projects...
{A paper mail box for all my sweet cards from the love & envelope exchange!}
 {Hosting a table at the Spring tea at Church}
{Making little signs for my Nephew's Baby Shower!}
{Finally finishing the pom-poms on my throw!}
{Lining my dresser drawers with pretty calender pages}
{And these patriotic pom poms and pinata!}

Well, those were just some of my favorites, like I said, there are other projects but I think that's enough for now! I will have a few more posts coming up with special crafts I made but have been meaning to post I'm gonna do it :)

It's always nice to get new ideas for crafts, or to get inspiration. I hope these inspired you today!

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