What is TFTT?

Hi there! Welcome to my little neck of the woods.
Throughout my posts you may see me refer to TFTT and you may be wondering...'what is TFTT?' so I am here to solve your curiosity!
TFTT stands for my very own creation...Thoughts for Tea Time. For the last several years I have posted (nearly) every Monday a post titled 'Thoughts for Tea Time', within I post a tea-time photograph I've captured, along with a thought-provoking quote. I try to find quotes that are deep and sometimes lengthy as well as ones that can be only a short sentence or two but still has the ability get you thinking! The idea is for you to make yourself a nice warm teacup of soothing tea, sit back, breathe a little, and ponder on these quotes.
I do not take credit for the authorization of any quotes I post and always put the Authors name beneath if I know who it's by, I do however take credit for all TFTT pictures (unless otherwise noted) and I ask that if you are to share any TFTT posts or pictures on any website that you link back or write in my blog name! Thank you, I can work very hard on capturing a photo sometimes and appreciate being mentioned when they are published. :)
I hope you will be able to enjoy a few quiet moments on a Monday and come back to see what the new Thought for Tea Time is <3

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