Saturday, September 7, 2013

Random Fact

I was just crawling into bed tonight and added a third blanket to the mix!! I don't know what Im going to do when we get below 40*s ;) It seems a but early to be adding more blankets, I guess it's just catching me by surprise after the spoiled summer we had!
The cold will be here soon enough though...I have a bet going with my Dad that the trees will all be yellow by the 15th (not an actual bet as I wouldn't do that;), I have a feeling I'll be right though! Those trees are turning fast, and the snows been on the mountains a few times....oh, winter here we come!

Still wanting to get some nice fall posts up though! 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy September

Haylee picked Mom these beautiful flowers from her garden the other day and I had fun taking pictures with them. I used the warming effect when editing, but they really didnt need much help, they already looked so beautiful!
 I put the vase in the window and was able to capture the sun coming through on them!

 Can you believe these beautiful sunflowers came from Haylee's garden?! It seems like we were just helping plant them ;)
Loving my photo editing app that gave me the perfect lighting and these amazing frames. Having fun learning to use a new app that allows me to make photo slid shows...too much fun!