Sunday, December 29, 2013

Spiritual Challenges

My hearts desire this year is to grow in my walk with know Him more and to allow Him to work through me. I decided that as I focus this new year on Him, I should have purposeful ways of putting Him first in my daily life. First things first, I decided that besides my usual night time devotions with Him, I wanted to start each day off being in His presence. I love my time with the Lord each night and wouldn't trade it for anything so in addition to that, I'll be beginning my days a half hour earlier to read a chapter of the Bible and dedicate my day to Him. Maybe have a verse or two to carry with me through my day. 
My other commitment for the new year (which is what this post is really for;)), is to challenge myself spiritually each month. I was really thinking about this the other day and made a list of monthly challenges...each one is different and some may be easier then others but they are still there to move my life to becoming less of me and more of Him. 

Here's a breakdown of my list....
January- Read through one book of the Bible. 
February- Pray for someone daily--starting with a new person each week. 
March- Cut out influences, each week being something different--things that don't set my focus on Christ. 
April- Reach out to someone new each week with a blessing of encouragement. 
May- Read and write reports (blog post!) on one of the Gospels--pretty sure it'll be John! 
June- Memorize a new passage (2-4 verses long) each week. 
July- Do a random act of kindness for a stranger once a week!
August- Read through Proverbs that month and do a daily post on each chapter.
September- Spend an extra hour in devotion every other day.
October- Study 4 women in the Bible and write something on their characters and actions. 
November- Witness to someone each week. 
December- Mystery Month!! --Can be whatever I feel led to do during that time. 

Im excited and anxious to see how the Lord will change me and hopefully those touched by some of these challenges. I hope to challenge myself more each day, but wanted a guideline to something each month to help me stay focused in the pursuit. You are welcome to come along and join me in these challenges!
I'll share in the next couple days which Bible book I decide to read this January as my first challenge! 


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