Friday, March 15, 2013

Handmade Birthday Gift

I was just reminded that I promised to share what I made my Mom for her birthday! Remember we hosted a surprise party for her? Well, here's what I made her...
All it required was embroidering, some stapling and then gift wrapping! As you probably know by now, I love embroidering and find it relaxing and easy to do, but now I've also decided that canvas is one of the easiest and most useful things in the world to use!! I will for sure be using it again for crafts and gifts!
I enjoyed working with this design and picking the colors to use and such! My Mom loves VW vans and I had had this idea for some time now and had a lot of fun  making these (in between secretly creating things for the party)! I am so glad they were done in time too!
Sorry about the blurry's fault!!

What is a craft you've been working on lately??


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