Sunday, February 24, 2013

A surprise birthday Party!

My Mom had been mentioning how she wanted a birthday party this year, so we decided to throw a surprise one for her! And we did it!! If you know my Mother you understand my enthusiasm! My Mom is one of those people that is very hard to keep a secret from...she always finds something out :) But not this time, we had nearly a house full of people hidden when she and Dad walked in from their day in Anchorage, she was greeted with a loud "Happy Birthday" which was replied to with a scream of delight!!
It was a lot of fun to put this together for her, and I thought I'd share some of the pictures with you all...

{Setting up...the dinning room table was such a mess there for a while!}
{These silly balloon bouquets that caused some laughter and lots of fingers ;)}
{Still setting up and preparing the food, but this is the only real good picture of those scalloped streamer!}

{Happy birthday!}

{The drink table!}

{The dessert counter...favors, ice cream, cake, punch and mints!! And for this counter I cut several 6x6 in. pieces of paper and used as a runner, and Hopey came behind me and sprinkled the whole thing with green sugar sprinkle which made it all look so festive!}

{A bowl of small thank you favor pouches! I made these and filled them with a few chocolate covered pretzels each! I don't have a tutorial, but may be making another on for that purpose!}

{A delicious cake made by my sister Heather (thanks Heather!) and the punch bowl/glasses and mints!}

{I wrapped re-fried bean cans with wrapping paper and a strip of paper and stuck a pretty sticker on the front...these we used for our silverware! Note: I did tape all the way around the top ledge to avoid anyone getting cut, just a suggestion!}

Dad and I sneaked off to town a few times the last few weeks while Mom was at the shop, and bought supplies, groceries ect. Hosanna and I had fun shopping for the groceries!! We served a taco bar with cornbread muffins, chips and cheese dip, fruit, and of course our delicious dessert counter! I didn't get a picture of the table all set up unfortunately but it all went together wonderfully and sure was good!!

We had a wonderful night visiting and playing apples to apples...we never did finish before everyone had to leave, it lasts a while with that big of a group playing! We had so much fun and had people at our home till 12:30 that night!
Happy Birthday Mom :)

Next time I'll share with you what I made Mom for her present!


  1. I love a surprise party and yours for your mom looks just fantastic! I love that you made favor pouches, too - such a treat for your guests!

  2. Thanks for the pictures!! Everything looks great!! Good job guys!!! =)