Friday, February 22, 2013

Delightful Surroundings!

A delightful surrounding...pleasurable, peaceable, quiet, and mild.

That would be my definition of my delightful surroundings today! I am sitting at the shop, it's quiet here today and the sun is coming through the windows lighting everything up and warming my back. It is deceitfully making me think of Spring time, causing me to forget that lovely large snowflakes were covering my scarf and coat this morning! I dare not look out side though the sun is calling me to, but what greets my eyes will be a pile of snow, snow on the tree, and very small flakes falling from the sky.
Still, it is beautiful and I would rather have snow right now then a number of other weather conditions!

I enjoyed a lovely blueberry muffin and vanilla bean yogurt, while scrolling through Pinterest! {It doesn't get much better then that!}. I was also able to capture a few more Thoughts for Tea Time pictures for future use, which always gives me great pleasure!
I am also enjoying looking through blogs and listening to instrumental music! Plus finding a recipe that looks to be delicious which I am hoping to try very soon :)

My surroundings currently= complete delight!
And I am enjoying every bit of it before I start dusting and sweeping and all the fun stuff I actually get payed to do :)

Have a delightful afternoon my friends!

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