Thursday, April 18, 2013

Closet Clearing

I have been feeling the Spring-cleaning bug now for quite some time and last week or so I did a little bit of clearing in my closet!

I wear a lot of sweaters and turtle necks, as well as a lot of black which sounds kind of strange but I just find it a calm color and one that goes with nearly everything. However, none of those are particularly good summer-time clothing choices, so I decided to start working on that! I do usually tend to be more cold then warm but some of those hot days I know we're going to get this Summer might catch me off guard if I don't have anything cool to wear! So my first step was to clear out all my winter clothes (mostly just heavy sweaters), my Fall clothes and things to get rid of! Turns out I had more in my closet then I thought!
 I ended with quite the line of empty hangers and a large bag of items to YardSale this spring!
I have a few more items to add for summer which you'll get to see tomorrow! Until then, happy Spring cleaning :)

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