Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fundraising Yard Sale

There's a family in our Church who are trying to adopt a child or children from Ethiopia and have been raising funds as they go, so this spring they needed to have another large fundraiser so I volunteered to help ;-) The mom and children of the family had to go down and help take care of her ill father so I took on the full responsibility of organizing this yard sale! It was A LOT of work and time but really ended up to be worth it in the end! We were able to make 3'000 and still have lots extra for another sale later in the Summer! I have to say though....yard sales aren't my favorite event to organize...Im so done going through stuff ;) But I did learn a lot about hosting yard sales, especially fundraising ones...maybe I'll put together a post with tips and details...on my 'some day' list!

One of the really fun parts of the sale for me to put together was the lunch stand and bake sale but the part the customers loved was the homemade ice cream maker we had making ice cream to sell!
So it's said that Alaskan eat the most ice cream in winter, and not only did we get to prove that, we also got to see how well we do with 'winter' yard sales!! The middle May really isn't the ideal time for a large snow fall ;)
We got 4 inches that weekend...craziness! But thankfully it all is gone now and we have green trees and sunshine!
The Lord is so good, He provided such a great total even with all the many things that could have hindered it. And I can't wait to meet the little child He has already chosen for them from Ethiopia :-)

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