Friday, June 21, 2013

Wedding Coordinating

I have been so blessed to turn my dream into a small piece of reality by coordinating 3 weddings!
I have always had a huge interest in weddings and can't ever get enough wedding pictures.;) Several years ago as I grew more involved with the blogging world and older, I realized that all my hobbies were linked together and it has since become my dream to be a wedding planner! After dreaming and reading/studying all about it for a few years I got a chance to plan my first wedding for my sister Haylee in December.
It was such a wonderful experience that I enjoyed beyond words!! I love the whole process of planning, decorating, organizing, and making sure brides get the wedding day of their dreams!

Since then I had the opportunity to be the day-of coordinator for two weddings this June. One was an outdoor wedding on June 1st, it was a cool and beautiful day. The colors were wonderfully tied into the beauty of nature and we were able to enjoy the scenery all around without needing to stress over the wedding colors!
The second day-of job I did was for a gal in our Church who got married on the 15th of June. I had such an enjoyable weekend at the rehearsal, setting everything up and decorating, and then the wedding day! There were a few things that caused a some different stressful moments but we fixed it up...I did learn a few things that may be helpful in the future...did you know they made floral spray paint? Go figure right?! But they do indeed and it fixed our crisis of having the wrong color of flowers delivered to the wedding.

The big question now that I have been asked many times is the famous..."what next?" The answer...well I really don't have one. My desire and would-be plan is to start my own business in wedding and event planning but I am just beng patient right now and praying for direction. I don't want to do anything outside of the Lord's Will for me, and therefore am just taking the decision making slowly through the summer!

Anyhow, that is where I am in that area of my life and thought Id share with you! Prayers for direction and an open heart would be greatly apprieciated!

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  1. The pictures are awesome. Looks like you did a good job and had fun!!!