Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Modest Wardrobe #1

Welcome to this new series 'Modest Wardrobe'! Since I've been in the blogging world, modesty is one of the big subjects with the blogs I follow and it has always been interesting to me to read about different people's views on this subject. I respect it when ladies have the courage to post their convictions and beliefs with others, I don't always agree about everything but it is sadly a very controversial issue with many people and can start a huge discussion, so I do appreciate ladies that take the time to put together posts on this particular matter.
I will share with you what my beliefs are on modesty probably more on a step by step plan rather then all at once, but for this week I'll just kick off this new series with my 'Modest Wardrobe' for the day and a few quick links :)

This is what I wore yesterday...I have been baking this Summer and have had to become adjusted to wearing short sleeves, which in the past has never been an issue for me, I've normally just worn turtle necks or at least elbow length shirt all throughout the year but with our record-breaking heat this year Ive had to find some other options ;) And although yesterday was another very hot day it was very breezy out and help hugely with the temperature! So I went with a used-to-be-white tank top (now its a cream/gray :)), a light sweater and a flowy long skirt.

Activity of the day::::Attending a class on how to grow Peonies in Alaska!

A few Quick Links...

First, my Pinterest Feminine and Modest Style board! This is my most popular board with the most followers and re-pins :)
But I get these pins from other great boards and thought I'd share some with you today!
Here's a big one, Kimberly with femininity, femininity ll, femininity lll, and femininity iv! Plus she has some of the most beautiful boards with all sorts of pretty things and places!
I will share more with you in other Modest Wardrobe posts but I think those boards are enough to keep you busy for now!

Side note: You are more then welcome to pin my pictures, just please be sure to link back to me in the caption :) Thank you!

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