Friday, August 2, 2013

Gardening at Haylee's

Haylee put a garden in at her little house and due to our amazing Summer it has done remarkably well! We have enjoyed spending time in it while helping plant, weed, ect. As well as eating the yummy vegetables ;)

It all started by cutting away the sod, rolling it up, and seeing the nice fresh dirt!

 And now they have a beautiful fresh garden!

Oh, and the tip I was going to share with all of you...we had heard (I think from Pinterest!) that if you put lettuce in a jar it stays fresh longer then regularly. We tried it with some of the fresh lettuce from Haylee's and it actually lasted at least 2 weeks! And a little can fit alot in the jars, so we pretty much only needed 1 jar for a salad for our family! We were happy to find out it really worked...of course who could've doubted, I mean it was on pinterest! :)

Happy Gardening my friends!

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