Friday, August 30, 2013

State Fair Fireworks

We had alot of fun going to the state fair fireworks show a few nights ago! 
I also had fun trying to capture some of the fireworks with my phone. I watched most of the show through my opening and closing camera lences and still only came out with a few "good" ones. I deleted at least 70 photos from my camera roll...needless to say, capturing fireworks really isn't that easy! Oh well...I have until December to read up on how to better myself at this!
Here are a few of the best out of my "good ones" ;)

We didn't actually go to the fair to watch them (we didn't even hit much fair traffic!), but our location is a secret as we don't want this parking lot to fill up each's our tradition! Although, we are nice enough to share the space with a few people as you can see!
It made me look forward to seeing the Christmas fireworks come Decemeber!

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